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The Revolutionary Poem

What an indictment of our world
that love of freedom
and the desire of escape
from oppression and hate
has to be called “Revolutionary.”
Isn’t this normal? Isn’t this the way
it should always be? Free
to do what we want, free
to think what we want, free
to be what we want, free
to love who and how we want:
This is basic, bedrock. A foundation
of life. It is true
that life can be tough
and things aren’t always what they seem
but this, this insane atrocity
of nature doesn’t even deserve mention
in the pages of our bloody history
books, films, and fictions, much less
become reality. But it has
and worse yet, it could again.
This then is the reason
for revolution. We need revolutions
in hearts and minds and souls.
We need a revolution inside
Mother Earth herself, alive
with eternal love and respect
and sacred duty to each other:
she will give birth
to our ever-growing, ever-shining
redeemed and hopeful future.
It is a revolution
against the horrors of death itself.
[By Thomas Fortenberry]

Mumkin hai ke tu jisako samajhata hai baharan
auron ki nigahon mein wo mausam ho khizan ka

hai sil-sila ehwal ka har lahja dagargun
ae salek-rah fikr na kar sudo-zayan ka

shayad k zamin hai wo kisi aur jahan ki
tu jisko samajhta hai falak apne jahan ka




Ham mashriq k musalmanon ka dil magrib mein ja atka hai
wahan kuntar sab billori hai, yahan ek purana matka hai

is daur mein sab mit jayenge, han baqi wo rah jayega
jo qayam apni rah pe hai, aur pakka apni hat ka hai

ae shaikh-o-brahman sunte ho kya ahl-e-basirat kahte hain
gardon ne kitani bulandi se un qaumon ko de patka hai

(By Allama Iqbal)

Utho meri dunya k garibon ko jaga do
khak-e-umra k dar-o-diwar hila do

garmao gulamon ka lahu soz-e-yaqin se
kunjishk-e-phiromaya ko shahin se lara do

sultani-e-jamahur ka ata hai zamana
jo naqsh-e-kuhan tum ko nazar aye mita do

jis khet se dahqan ko mayassar nahin rozi
us khet k har khosha-e-gandum ko jala do

kyon khaliq-o-makhluq mein hayal rahen parde
piran-e-kalisa ko kalisa se hata do

main nakhush-o-bezar hun marmar k silon se
mere liye mitti ka haram aur bana do

tahazib-e-nawin kargah-e-shishagaran hai
adab-e-junun shayr-e-mashriq ko sikha do

(By Allama Iqbal)

An old, mad, blind, despised, and dying king
Princess, the dregs of their dull race, who flow
Through public scorn, -mud from a muddy spring
Rulers who neither see, nor feel, nor know
But leech-like to their fainting country cling
Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow
A people starved and stabbed in the untilled field
An army, which liberticide and prey
Makes as a two-edged sword to all who wield
Golden and sanguine laws which tempt and slay
Religion Christless, Godless -a book sealed
A Senate, -Time’s worst statute unrepealed
Are graves from which a glorious Phantom may
Burst, to illumine our tempestuous day

Percy Shelley

Arise ye workers from your slumbers
Arise ye prisoners of want
For reason in revolt now thunders
And at last ends the age of cant.
Away with all your superstitions
Servile masses arise, arise
We’ll change henceforth the old tradition
And spurn the dust to win the prize.

So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale unites the human race.
So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale unites the human race.

No more deluded by reaction
On tyrants only we’ll make war
The soldiers too will take strike action
They’ll break ranks and fight no more
And if those cannibals keep trying
To sacrifice us to their pride
They soon shall hear the bullets flying
We’ll shoot the generals on our own side.

No saviour from on high delivers
No faith have we in prince or peer
Our own right hand the chains must shiver
Chains of hatred, greed and fear
E’er the thieves will out with their booty
And give to all a happier lot.
Each at the forge must do their duty
And we’ll strike while the iron is hot.

Eugene Pottier

April 2018
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